Sunday, September 1, 2013


  《梦想的力量》/ 《The Power Of The Dream》

                                                                                  —– 秦伟平先生8月31日纽约时代广场演讲实录
                                                              Mr Weiping Qin ,Times Square Speech,9:00PM,8/31/2013         
  Fifty years ago , the famous human rights leader , Mr Martin Luther King delivered the famous speech of “I have a dream ” at Lincoln Memorial ,Washington, DC, For the great pioneer, and for the people , who have no freedom , Today, a young man from China will deliver a speech of “The Power of The Dream” in Times Square, New York city.
 While American people are enjoying the shine of liberty, Chinese in mainland China is still under brutal dictatorship. It’s hard to imagine that, at the moment, for 1.3 billion Chinese, they have no freedom of speech; they have to work hard and pay high taxes but cannot supervise and elect their government; they are human being, but are denied human rights; they are tax payers, but have never seen a ballot; if they dare go to streets for protest, police would beat and arrest them; even if they express discontent online, their comment would be deleted and then police would arrest them.
  All those 1.3 billion Chinese who are not allowed to criticize their government are just lamb waiting to be slaughtered by government. Today, we, a small group of Chinese, gather and protest here, just because we still have moral and conscience. We shout for freedom because we have a dream.
   When China communist government ordered troops with rifles and tanks to massacre peaceful civilians and students in 1989, that regime lost its legitimacy. No one official in executive branch of China government is directly elected by Chinese people. China government has been relying on violence and lies to rule the country. But there are still many Chinese who dare to dream freely
    In the heart of every Chinese present here, there is a dream. A dream that one day we can enjoy freedom in our beloved country CHINA. We love the country, we love the nation, and we love the land. We dream that in the near future China will be a country of liberal democracy
     Because of dream, we stick to pure hearts. Because of dream, we have huge potential. Because of dream, we are more confident and more respectable. Because of dream, we are more united and braver. Because of dream, we would stand up again after falling down. Because of dream, we will never give up. Because of dream, we discard all we had in China and start from zero again. Because of dream, we exile ourselves from homeland. Because of dream, we gather together. Because of dream, we protest and shout from freedom. Because of dream, we fight without thinking of honor or disgrace. Because of dream, we enjoy loving and freedom.
    Dream will grant us the light of glory one day. Dream shall grant us enormous power. No matter how rough the road may be, the future will belong to us who have dream. Dream can change the world. The power of dream may exceed far more than you can imagine. Dream will start a new future!
    Free China ! Human rights China ! Democracy China!
    Release Liu xiaobo , Release Gao zhisheng, Release Wang bingzhang, Release Zhu yufu, Release Guo quan, Release Chen wei, Release Chen xi,Release Xu zhiyong, Release Guo feixiong,Release Ding jiaxi,Release Zhao changing……
MR Qin Weiping : Born in Feb,1980, Hubei China, Chairman of Youth Committee Of China Democratic Party , Work hard for the cause of chinese democracy!
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